Testimonials for The Family, God’s Weapon for Victory:

“This book is a bit like Narnia’s Aslan—it is not safe, but it is good. Be prepared to have your tender toes stepped on and your cherished assumptions challenged. This is not just another book on the family. Instead it is a book of profound biblical truths and straightforward practical counsel. This book will prove to be of immeasurable help to families in these troubled time in which we live. I highly recommend it.”  – Dr. George Grant, Author and Director, King’s Meadow Study Center.

“When I read The Family, God’s Weapon for Victory, I laughed, I cried, I rejoiced, I repented. It moved me again and again to pray for my children. I read parts aloud to my wife. I committed myself to going through it again, slowly, savoring it with care, applying its lessons to my family. And I determined that the way I serve my family and the goals that I have for my children in God’s kingdom must change. If transforming lives is Robert Andrews’ aim, this book is an arrow that hits the bullseye!” – E. Calvin Beisner, founding co-pastor, Holy Trinity Church (OPC); National Spokesman, Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

“This book covers the full gamut of topics important to families; biblical roles for husbands and wives, the role of families in the kingdom of God, sex and lust, finding a mate, raising children, and so forth. All of it is filled with practical, scriptural advice and (brutally honest) examples from Andrews’s own life. This is definitely a quality book, one of the best on developing a vision for the family.” – D.N., Texas.


Testimonial for The Church – Attacking the Gates of Hell

“I admit that it would be difficult for me to believe that the kind of church Robert Andrews describes in A Glorious Church could truly exist, except for the fact that I have been a part of it. By God’s grace, what my family and I found in the church whose framework is herein outlined was nothing like my past church experience. In the nearly three years my family spent as members of Christ Reformed Church in Colville, Washington we experienced the work of the Holy Spirit through His people in an effortless, natural flow of service that washed us in prayer, encouragement, correction and chastisement, the selfless sacrifice of time, and fellowship of greater depth than we had ever known. We saw a congregation take to heart the scriptural concept of church as more than a Sunday morning activity, but rather the focal point of all life. This church changed our family irrevocably.”  –   Scott Forrester, schoolteacher, Seattle


Testimonial for The Scandalous Gospel of the Grace of God

“The biggest issue in this book, as my small group discovered as we studied it, was the concept that we must DO NOTHING to receive God’s grace.  WHAT?

  • No being nice to others to gain points
  • No scheduled church activities we MUST attend
  • No list of things to accomplish before payback, I.e. The forgiveness of our sins…………….HOW SCANDALOUS!

TRUST IN GOD…….that’s it.  

“But you MUST have to do something, don’t you?”

NOPE.  NADA.  SIMPLE FAITH is all you need.  

The longer I am away from my small group, the more I need to be reminded I need do NOTHING.  No judgment of issues and then making “good decisions”….just Simple Trust in a God who loves me no matter what and has forgiven all my sin.

IN REALITY it all boils down to: YOU DON’T HAVE TO CLIMB THAT LADDER OF PERFORMANCE…Throughout the book, we are constantly reminded of the “OLD MAN” in us…and the Scandalous Gospel that has overcome him.” – Mitch L., Atlanta


Testimonial for Sanctification – Experiencing Salvation from Sin

“I never thought at the time about putting grace and sanctification together! Never knew they could be put together! To see that for the first time puts so much relief in my heart that I cried REALLY hard as I read your book. Thank God! I CAN be sanctified. I AM sanctified! God continues to give me grace and that alone sanctifies me!” – Sarah P., Oregon


Testimonial for Limitless Grace – A New Look at Hell

“Until I heard the ideas presented in Limitless Grace, I had always struggled to reconcile two disparate views of God and his nature. My experience testified to a God who is thoroughly redemptive, merciful, and tenacious in his determination to save sinners (sinners like me!), while my intellectual understanding of God’s nature was shaped by the doctrine of eternity I’d been taught since childhood. This book gave me the courage to ask those lurking questions I’d always been afraid to ask, and I was surprised to find that the answers I discovered brought harmony to the dissonance between my heart and mind. This revelation truly changed my life, and my trust in God’s goodness, his love, and his provision and care for his children and his creation is no longer colored by fear of the proverbial other shoe dropping, but instead has grown into certainty that death is truly swallowed up in victory!” – Jenny Anne M., Spokane, WA


Testimonials for Counseling

“I am a Pastor in Massachusetts, and I have known Robert for 12 years. He is a personal friend, Pastor and counselor to me.. Our church started around a Bible study using Robert’s book, The Family, God’s Weapon for Victory. I have referenced Robert’s book on the family numerous times for sermon content and illustrations and have sought Robert help concerning family situations I have encountered as a Pastor. Robert’s insights and ability to articulate solid family theology has helped me and our congregation many times. We have given out many of his books to church members as well as to many of our friends. Robert has visited our church to preach and teach on family, church and the Christian life.” – Pastor Mark T., North Dighton, Massachusetts

“I have been talking to Robert regularly since the summer of 2013. It was as that time that my wife of 21 years decided that she wanted a divorce.  I was devastated and confused. During these conversations, Robert encouraged me to keep trusting in the Lord, while at the same time opening my eyes to my pride and legalistic, flesh centered mindset that hurt my wife and marriage. God has used Robert’s transparency and honesty about his own story, and his gentle consistency in pointing me towards the grace of God regardless of circumstances, to encourage me during the most difficult period of my life. His unwavering confidence in God’s Word and its design for the grace-oriented family have been invaluable in my moment by moment walk over the last 3 years.  His many years of experience providing Biblical counsel to couples and individuals has given him encouraging insight into human nature and God’s timing for His purpose and plans.” – Mike H., Mahtowa, Minnesota

“I met Robert during the most tumultuous time of my life. I was an extremely fearful man, in the midst of losing my family and confused and angry with God. Here was a man who had written many books, was pastoring a church, and working on an online ministry, who took time and interest in me for the sake of the gospel. We started a number of years ago by meeting in coffee shops. I soon discovered that there was nothing I could say that would shock this guy. Fast-forward about a decade now and we are still meeting, albeit for yellow curry instead of coffee. Robert helped me to understand that the gospel is not just for the unsaved but for me as well, even though I had already been following Christ for most of my life. My discussions with Robert often entail dealing with the stubbornly persistent notion that we can somehow, on some level, add to our salvation by keeping the law. Robert has helped me and continues to help me to realize the freedom that has always been afforded me as a believer. Robert has been the single most important influence in my life outside of Jesus Himself. I am “right on time” and “free indeed”. Now, I am able to share this freedom with my patients, friends, colleagues, and, most importantly, my wife and children. The freedom that comes from knowing the “Wonderful” and “Scandalous” Gospel of the Grace of God.”  – Rick T., Post Falls, Idaho