A Biblically Qualified Candidate for U.S. Senate

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Some time ago I realize that the scope of my on-line ministry had morphed from a focus on Gospel Parenting, the name of my old website, into addressing a broader target: as my new website proclaims, “The Two Edges of the Sword – Distinguishing between Law and Grace in the Kingdom of God.”

The family is only one of the three institutions through which Jesus, as King of all kings and Lord all lords, expresses Himself on the earth today, the other two being the church and the civil government. I have found myself over the last ten years addressing these other two in my blog postings/newsletters with increasing frequency.

For example, during the 2016 election season, I wrote a series of a dozen postings about God’s view of civil government and its purpose, how it would be structured biblically, what are the biblical qualifications for holding office, and an analysis of each of the candidates for President based on those qualifications.

This summer we have an opportunity to support a man who is running for the U.S. Senate who, I believe, is the most biblically qualified candidate I personally have ever witnessed, and who is currently the leading Republican candidate in Alabama. He is Judge Roy Moore. I have followed his career in civil government for the last two decades and have met him personally. The following is a biographical excerpt from his web-site.

“In 1992, Judge Moore became a judge of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit of Alabama and served until his election as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2000. In 2003, Judge Moore was removed from his position as Chief Justice by a judicial panel for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument that he installed in the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building to acknowledge the sovereignty of God.

“From 2003 until 2012, Judge Moore served as President of the Foundation for Moral Law in Montgomery, lecturing throughout the Country and filing amicus curiae briefs regarding the United States Constitution in Federal District Courts, State Supreme Courts, U.S. Courts of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court.

“Judge Moore was overwhelmingly re-elected by a vote of the people of Alabama as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in November of 2012 and took office in January of 2013. In 2016, Judge Moore was suspended for upholding the sanctity of marriage as between one man and one woman. He retired to seek the office of U.S. Senate in 2017.”

The long knives are out; the Republican establishment hates him, and tries to discredit and smear him at every opportunity. The are pouring millions into the campaign of the establishment RINO running against him in the primary in August. Let’s rally the “SAGE Cons” (Spiritually Active Governance Engaged Conservatives) from all over the country to support him financially! Here is His website and also where to give:

Website: Judge Roy Moore for U. S. Senate – Home | Facebook


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