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On rare occasions I will release a brief statement of something happening in the culture that demands some recognition and then comment on it. Tucker Carson’s release from his Fox News post last week and his 2-minute response were just such events. 

The most cogent, insightful take I have read so far is the following article. After reading it, ideas were exploding in my mind! What if Tucker were Trump’s Running Mate in 2024?  His popularity, magnetism, speaking ability, and humility would be perfect to counterbalance Trump’s weaknesses. 

I had a wonderful conversation with a very close, Bible-believing, Christian friend who is conservative in every way, but he is very strongly anti-Trump, and for a very good reason—Trump’s inability to ever admit he was wrong about anything or that he ever made a mistake of any kind. For example, at last report, he continues to hold to the efficacy of the Covid vaccine and “Operation Warp Speed.”

 My friend is absolutely right. Trump is growing in his faith, and many are able to overlook his sins, faults and weaknesses and still vote for him, fortunately for the country. However, his popularity, effectiveness and power will increase exponentially when he learns to be an openly, repentant, forgiven sinner. If he ever does that, the whole country, except for the committed, Marxist, globalist (probably less than 33%) will be on his team. Tucker’s basic honesty and integrity make him not only the perfect running-mate, but also a great model to unconsciously rub off on Trump.

Here is my  introduction to this dynamite article when I sent it to my “political” mailing list of personal friends:

 “Exciting times! Who saw the explosion of Tucker Carlson’s popularity (40 million direct reads and 77 million total reads on his 2-minute tweet). I am constantly amazed at God’s ways. I have never seen anything like this. Tucker is saying “Who, me? What’s going on here?” This natural, spontaneous and unconscious attitude he has is exactly how God works. The scheming, planning and self-aggrandizement of the typical political influencer is not. Grab your popcorn; the show is just beginning! Remember, God is ‘ordaining ALL THINGS after the counsel of His will’ (Ephesians 1:11). Be sure to read the last two lines. 




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