Is Masculinity Really Toxic?

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Watching the current war on men in our country, you would think that to be the case. It must be admitted that murder, robbery, assault, rape, sexual abuse and all manner of lawlessness is running rampant in our land, and men are the primarily perpetrators. However, before we can attack the problem and attempt to solve it, we must properly define its root cause. Is all this lawless activity really, as commonly proposed by many of our leaders today, caused by “toxic masculinity?”

I ran across a video this morning that addresses this issue beautifully—in only five minutes! It is concisely and brilliantly done, by one of my favorite commentators, and nails the problem precisely. It leaves only the solution to be determined and implemented by the viewer, and, conveniently, that solution is the topic of this newsletter every week! 

This video will give you a simple, organized and easily understandable answer to the “toxic masculinity” crowd. Get ready to view the most inspiring and rewarding five minutes of your day.

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