Qualifying the Candidates (II)

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In modern America, the concept of any fixed baseline of eternal truth, outside of yourself, is ridiculed. The postmodern idea of truth as “whatever is right for you” has carried the day. As Christians we know, at least theoretically, that the source of all truth is the fixed, eternal, word of God, but many Christians have been sucked into saying “Yeah, yeah, I know that, but it just makes sense that God smiles on true love, even between homosexuals, and they should be allowed to get married. Also, systemic racism in America is a problem, and how can you deny “white supremacy?’”

Many Christian leaders, even in biblically-based denominations, are parroting that thinking, and even finding Bible verses that, with a tweak, give their “woke” theology a theological cover. However, the Bible, from beginning to end, stands against this thinking. It is classic Cultural Marxism, the designation of everyone in a demographic group as being either always oppressors or always oppressed, depending on their identity group. 

This way of thinking makes us all prisoners of our respective groups (be they gender, race, economic or social), thereby denying the biblical concept of individual, personal freedom (John 8:32, 36; Isaiah 61:1; Romans 8:2). This concept of individual liberty, that we take for granted in America, is only found in Christianity: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2 Corinthians 3:17). Our Constitution is saturated with biblical truth from beginning to end, based on the heritage of the founders.

In this blog, we have taken this idea of the Bible as the only source of truth and applied it to civil government. Why not? Does God not have principles of truth that apply there just as much as He does in my personal life? Does God not have standards which civil magistrates need to have in order to rule over us effectively in our civil government?

Yes, He does! First, he must have an understanding that the role of civil government must be carried out according to the Bible. That role is limited to protecting law-keepers and punishing law-breakers (1 Timothy 2:1, 2; Romans 13;4). Then, Exodus 18:21 gives us four more qualifications for the magistrate. Last week, I told you my current evaluation of our two candidates for president who will run in November, based on the first three of these five qualifications. 

Now, I will give you my analysis of the candidates based on the final two. The candidate will not be perfect, but the most qualified will have a measure of maturity in each category, in my estimation. If I deem him adequate, this will give me my candidate. Here is my evaluation of the candidates based on those final two qualifications—a “man of truth” who “hates covetousness.”

4. “A man of truth.” In 2016, I gave Trump a 0% on this qualification. He made up stories about his opponents in the primary race that were obviously not true (i.e., Ted Cruz’s father was in on the Kennedy assassination). Bragging, stretching the truth, seemingly lying when it would be better for him if he told the truth, were a way of life with him. However, as time has gone by and I have had a chance to observe Trump in office, my perspective has changed.

The change is not a result of Trump changing, but a fuller understanding of the word “truth” in Exodus 18:21. Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon defines it as “stability, certainty, truth, trustworthiness: – assured (-ly), faithful, right, sure, true (-ly, -th), verity.” 

I have watched Trump as he diligently strives, against all opposition, to keep his campaign promises (which politicians traditionally forget totally after the election – particularly the Republicans!), and my view of him as not a man of truth has changed. 

Yes, he still stretches the truth (although a germ of truth is always there!), and still brags incessantly. However, along with the simple definition of being “the opposite of false,” I now recognize that the word “truth” also connotes “stability, trustworthiness, faithful, sure and true.” By my evaluation, he hits a home run on all these qualities. He does not as yet “love his (political) enemies” as he is enjoined in the Bible to do, and without the Spirit of God leading him from within him he can’t. Who knows if or when that may occur. So, I now give Trump a 75% on “man of truth.”.

Biden’s stances on “what is the truth” have shifted regularly for the almost 50 years he has been in Washington. He regularly sticks his wet finger up to discover how the political wind is blowing, seemingly no decisions based on any conviction about truth. 0%

5. “Hates covetousness.” I also gave Trump a 0% on this quality in 2016. My evaluation was that his whole life was built on covetousness—he coveted women, money, power, fame, etc. In four years, my evaluation has changed dramatically. 

However, this evaluation is not of Trump 15 years ago, but of today! After two unsuccessful marriages, and the immorality generally associated with such an arrangement for a rich, powerful unbeliever, he has been happily married for some 15 years to Melania, a perfect help-mate for him. I am aware of no evidence that indicates any unfaithfulness. I have watched as he has quietly, without fanfare, given away his full president’s salary for four years to government departments he felt were underfunded. 

I have watched how he handles those who oppose him (governors, heads of other nations, etc.)  He does not impose his will by force, but lets them make their own decisions and then lets them live with the consequences (out-of-control cities, tariffs, no federal aid, etc.). 

Trump has money, a beautiful woman, power, and fame. I do not get the sense in him now of covetousness but of satisfaction. In spite of the constant, four-year, vicious opposition, he has peace. He is satisfied! He gets up every morning, ready for battle. I am eager to see, in his second term, if he progresses to loving those with whom he does battle! 90%

Biden is currently a wanna-be success, trying desperately to achieve the wealth, power, and prestige that Trump has already successfully achieved. Biden’s life now is built on covetousness! 0%.

Final average score for 2020:

Donald Trump – 76%

Joe Biden – 0%

You must make your own decision, based on your own analysis of what you have observed. I will be voting for Donald J. Trump for President in 2020.

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  1. Patty says:

    I totally disagree with you, Robert. I won’t go into my many Biblical reasons, because in the light of eternity, it doesn’t matter. We both know who the only King is!!❤️?

    1. Robert Andrews says:

      I love it! You are the best, Patty. So appreciate you readying my blog! Why am I not surprised that you didn’t list your “many biblical positions?” Love you, Patty!

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