Stand for the Truth – The Church’s First Marching Order

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Last week we discussed the Truth—the law of God applied experientially by the Spirit of God in our lives. We could summarize last week’s posting with this statement: “The law of God, expressed by the Spirit of God in our lives as we walk by faith, is the Truth that sets us free; The law of God, expressed by our attempts to obey it, is the ‘law of sin and death’ that kills us.”

As the church learns to walk by faith in the Truth,  as we discovered last week, we are then ready to receive the battle plan to attack the gates of Hell (Matthew 16:18) as we finalize Jesus’ victory at the cross! Here is the first of two simple steps we will cover to mount our attack:

  1. The church will always publicly STAND FOR THE TRUTH. 

The relatively recent “Wokism ” that has swept the culture has caused much of the church to either remain silent or to adapt to the new culture’s demands rather than standing against them publicly. We must face this fact head-on, repent, and change our course. When we do, what are some of those cultural demands we must resist? 

Abortion. The most in-your-face issue the church faces is condoning abortion. There can be no doubt that the Bible teaches personhood from inception: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you” (Jeremiah 1:5). 

From this verse it is clear that deliberately taking an innocent life in the womb, anytime after inception, is murder. What else could it be? Keep in mind that the Truth is proclaimed with love and compassion, but unyielding firmness. Those who hear it must know that if they have an abortion, under any circumstances except to save their own lives, they are murderers.However, they are “beloved murderers,” because God loves them with agape love, and has died for this sin, just as He has for all the sins we all commit, but they remain murderers.

CRT. After abortion, the second “woke” issue the church must address is the issue of the modern, Western adaptation of Marxism’s eternal struggle between “oppressors” and the “oppressed,” called Critical Race Theory, or CRT. In American Marxism, the natural “oppressors” are all white, straight, cis gender males, who can do nothing whatsoever about their unforgivable sin of being an oppressor, except grovel and beg for forgiveness for being born as such, and even that does not absolve their sin!. 

The LGBTQ+ community has seized upon CRT to claim the “oppressed” status, and a vast majority of evangelical churches won’t touch this with a ten-foot pole. Most churches know the Bible teaches clearly (Romans 1:20-32) that homosexuality is a wicked sin, but the culture has changed dramatically in the past decade. Today, sexual activity with one of the same sex,is now promoted as perfectly acceptable by the culture as an “alternative lifestyle,” along with traditional adultery and fornication. 

Tragically, a huge portion of the church has been totally silent on the issue, not wanting to offend or drive away “seekers.” Some churches have actually accepted this as normal, and welcomed gay couples and unmarried couples who are living together into the church. Some churches even perform gay marriages officiated by ordained gay pastors! 

“Standing for the Truth” means that the church is recognized by the culture in which it exists as a body that boldly teaches that all homosexuality and extra-marital sex is a sin. Therefore, all homosexuals are sinners, yes, because of their homosexuality, just as are all the straight church members with different sins, including traditional adulterers and fornicators. They are welcome to join those in the church body, if they publicly recognize their sexual sin and rejoice in their forgiveness at the cross in Jesus Christ, just as all others in the church have done. 

According to the Bible (1 John 1:7-10), being a sinner in the church means that we ”walk in the light” and “confess our sins” together, which is characteristic of those in the church who are genuinely born again. On the other hand; to think “we have no sin” and “we have not sinned” is characteristic of not yet having an experience with the Living God. We are all “in process,” right on God’s schedule, moving toward that experience.

Male Leadership in the Family. One other major area of attack by American Marxism is the nuclear family, the very heart of our commission to rule. Without the family functioning biblically, we will have no “rule over the earth” by man, as we were created to do. This is at the heart of Satan’s cultural  attack on mankind, and destroying the head of the family’s structure is key in his plan.

The man is the unquestioned head of the family (1 Corinthians 11:3). Biblically, he is the provider, the protector, the lover, the final decision-maker and the one who has full responsibility for its well being. His needs and desires are only considered after he has laid down his life to meet his family’s. His wife is his helper in these tasks (Genesis 2:18).. 

Satan hates this message and his principalities and powers in the culture are desperately trying to hide, denigrate and ridicule what I have just written. This is why the church must never cease preaching, reminding and finally standing firmly on this biblical Truth.

Next week we will investigate the second step the church will take as it learns to walk by faith in the Truth of God—2. At every opportunity, the church will PROCLAIM THAT TRUTH.

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