Will Trump “Make America Great Again?”

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The answer to that question is a resounding, unequivocal “No!”, he will not—but Jesus,  just as unequivocally, will—and already is in the process of doing so, according to Psalm 110:1-4; Daniel 7:13, 14; Ephesians 1:20-22; Hebrews 1:13. These and numerous other biblical passages teach us that since His ascension to God’s right hand after His resurrection, Jesus is ruling right now from there through us, His people on the earth, until He puts all His enemies “under His feet!”

When we finally lift our heads up from our constant self-inspection concerning our standing with God, and finally become convinced of the efficacy of the cross 2000 years ago to fully eliminate all barriers between us and God, we realize we have been fooled. Where have we been? The enemy of our souls, the great deceiver whose only weapon is lying and deceit, has tricked us. He has convinced us that God is a disappointed, dissatisfied, judgmental father, constantly displeased with us, wagging his finger in our faces for our failures to obey Him and exhorting us to “do better.”

However, when our eyes are finally opened to what God is really like, we see that God Himself is actually perfectly satisfied with us just like we are, right now at this point in time, or He would have changed us—because that is what He does. Furthermore, right now, where we are, He thinks we are adorable, and the needle on the gauge that shows the degree of His love for us is stuck on 100%, and there is nothing we can do to fix it!

So, He remains busily at work in our lives, getting us ready—for what? To join Him in His family business. It may be years, months or days from now, but make no mistake—His love will capture us to work with Him at God and Sons, Inc. He won’t take “no” for an answer. However, we are always only “volunteers in the day of Your power” (Psalm 110:3). We are never draftees. We cannot join this business because we ought to, need to or should. Our Father won’t let us.

Our enemy, Satan, has stolen many of God’s methods and even His terminology, and his deceived followers don’t have a clue of their actual origins. For example, God refers to His people learning His revealed truth as “having their eyes opened” to “see” or understand experientially that truth. Satan has co-opted that idea and his followers refer to being “woke”— when one has had his eyes opened to “toxic masculinity,” “white supremacy” and other progressive doctrines.

In a similar fashion, when God’s children finally see, or are “woke,” to the fullness of what  their salvation means and experience God’s agape love for them, they are dangerous! They are then ready to go to work in the family business of ruling over the earth “until all His (Jesus’) enemies are under His feet.” What does that mean? How is “going to work in my Father’s business” any different than what I are doing right now?

Shockingly, there is nothing “to do” that is different at all from what we are doing now! A part of our “wokeness” is seeing that we have been set free to do just what we want to do, because God is at work in us “to will and to do His good pleasure” (Philippians 2:13). Does that not mean that when we are walking day by day “woke” (living by faith and not by right and wrong, i.e. the law) what we want to do is exactly what He wants us to do in His business? Yes! That is how He leads us in what our tasks are in the business.

We can trust Him without having to “make good decisions” or worry about “being obedient” ourselves. He’s got us, just as a four year old son never has to worry about being sure the bills are paid, there is food on the table, he has a place to sleep, or plan the family social calendar. He spends his days in his loving parent’s care, learning how to live by being trained by them. They have captured his heart with their love, and, as he grows to adulthood, he finds himself wanting to live the life he learned from them.

Ideally, he also will absorb the reason he is here on the earth from his parents as well, from Genesis 1:26-28: 1.) to bear God’s image (the Holy Spirit, released in his life to “conform (him) to the image of His Son” – Romans 8:29); 2.) to rule over the earth, 3. To reproduce, both physically and spiritually.

This is not a punch list—a list of items to check off to be a good Christian. It is a road-map to let us in on where Daddy is taking us as we join Him when we are ready and eager to do so. He is moving us all at His speed—some of us slowly and others of us quickly, but all at the perfect speed for each of us.

It has been a joy watching all my family going through this process. We are all just beginning to experience an understanding of what is involved in joining the family business, my children at a much earlier age than Jill and I. We are all learning to see our chosen vocations as vehicles for the rule of Jesus Christ on the earth.

For example, one son and his family are teaching others, literally all over the world, to understand, appreciate and then teach others classical literature, using the materials and methods they have created. Another son is building beautiful dream houses for clients as an architect, and, with his business manager wife, they walk personally with clients, just as Jesus would, as they go through one of the biggest, most important  projects of their lives. Another family is involved in one business designing and producing men’s clothing in one business while helping bring a nation-wide company into the 21st century technologically in another (the husband), while the wife is coaching a girls high school basketball team, being firm and compassionate both on the court and then off it, in sleepovers, dinners, and basketball pick-up games on an outdoor sport-court. My ten grandchildren, the oldest now 26 down through the youngest at 11, are absorbing the same lifestyle as they grow up at the knees of their parents.

For six years, I got to bring the kingdom of God into the public school classroom, as I was a substitute teacher for teen-agers, asking the Lord each day as I went to school, “Jesus, who are you going to touch today? Who are You going to love?” It was so much fun to watch how He did just that.

Do you see the joy involved in realizing we are doing what God created us to do? And that is true, no matter what you are doing. When we finally realize this in our heart of hearts, we can’t wait to get to work. We are dangerous!

One branch of that business is “Making America Great Again”—establishing in experience what is already true in fact—Jesus Christ rules over the United States of America. Donald Trump is learning that that is God’s job, and he will see and understand, when he is “woke,” that it is indeed his calling to work in that branch of the kingdom of God as Jesus’ rule through him becomes a reality in experience.

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  1. jane dyson says:

    So even my pride can’t keep God from using me and He will take care of that if and when HE CHOOSES. Right ? REJOICE

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