Where Will We Go From Here?

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As the recent election has unfolded, and the evidence for massive election fraud has continued to pile up, it has become obvious that the powers-that-be, Republican as well as Democrat, want nothing to do with truly investigating the situation. “We gave it our best shot and it’s time to move on” (read: ‘Now that we have gotten rid of Trump, let’s forget this unpleasant, four-year nightmare and get back to business as usual in the Swamp.”)

I listened to Rush Limbaugh this morning playing clips of Donald Trump’s “loser’s rally” in Georgia Saturday night, and the repeated chants of thousands upon thousands of outdoors participants: ”Stop the steal! Stop the steal” and “We love you! We love you!” I was shocked that this is the result of losing an election! When has this ever happened?

Because Trump has captured the hearts of a huge chunk of America. With all his faults and irritating habits, we love him and are eager to follow him as our political leader. He has proven himself to us. Lead on, President Trump! We are with you!

How many of us still want a historical, traditional America? I am convinced that, even with the anti-American education provided in the public schools and colleges and universities in America for the past 100 years, there are still a majority out here who have not drunk the Kool-Aid of progressivism, and Trump is our leader to “Make America Great Again.” So, what should he and we do if Biden is able to dodge all the attempts to disallow this fraudulent election and he is inaugurated on January 21?

This was burning in my heart this morning, so I thought I would put it down on my blog, (which is still active, even though I have cut back to writing only when I can’t keep quiet about what is happening)!

Notice the Republican Party leadership is not into jumping in with and for Trump to get to the bottom of election fraud. I hear only crickets from the vast majority of them. They, too, want to move on from Trump. The fact is that a republic cannot exist unless voting is protected and sacrosanct; after all, this is a government “by and for the people.” Without above-board, fair and open elections, this is impossible.

There has been nothing but silence from Republican leadership  about scores of specific affidavits charging fraud in the Georgia election, plus video evidence and mathematically impossible situations. They have no interest in even investigating. They claim that two recounts, as they counted the same suspect votes both times, have produced the same result—a convincing Biden victory. “Case closed. Let’s move on.”

There is no interest in examining any of the obvious evidence or the Dominion voting machines, which were initially developed to maintain dictators Lopez’s and Madura’s hold on power in Venezuela. “Nothing to see here.” And these are Republican’s in charge!

So what does Trump do? He is convinced the election was blatantly stolen from him, so as I see it, there are several possibilities:

1.Trump concedes. Ain’t gonna happen. He is not a pragmatic quitter who gives up to fight again another day. He is a full speed ahead, go for what he sees as right, damned the consequences guy. That is why he got 70 million votes.

2. Trump leaves the White House to Biden and becomes a “President in Exile,” and prepares for a run in 2024. This is what a majority of his followers want if all efforts at righting the election wrongs fail.

3. #2 with this addition: Have a gigantic, national Trump rally in Washington D. C. on January 21 at the same time as Biden’s inauguration, where Trump announces he is starting a new, political party. This will be a party of patriots who want freedom, faithfully functioning within the boundaries of the Constitution. Its slogan will be TABA (Take America Back Again)!

Political parties are not mentioned in the Constitution. Originally, those who favored a strong central government gathered around Alexander Hamilton and John Adams calling themselves Federalists. Those favoring a more local government called themselves Democratic-Republicans and followed Thomas Jefferson. These original parties, Federalists and Democrat-Republican, have migrated through several iterations to become today’s Republican and Democrat parties.

Recent attempts at establishing new political parties include George Wallace’s American Independent Party in 1968, Ross Perot and his Reform Party (1992, 1996), and Gary Johnson ran on the Libertatian ticket in 2016.

However, nothing was anything like the current situation. None of these party leaders were already a charismatic leader with millions of faithful, deadly serious warriors ready to go to war for him, chanting to him, “We love you” at every opportunity! 

So, I believe the path is open to overthrow the Democrat-RINO coalition, and rid Trump of being bogged down with old-line, Republican, compromising, chameleon turncoats. Let’s do it! 100,000 at DC on the 21st.!

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  1. Jane k Robinson says:

    Robert I recognize you are expressing your opinion but what do we do with the Republican leaders/responsible for election veracity and the Judicial Trump appointees who have validated the election results in their particular regions of influence? Are they lying? Are they deceived?

    It is true that Trump has struck a chord with many Americans (almost 50%) and Biden will have to figure out how to be the president of the whole of the United States. What a difficult job.

    1. Robert Andrews says:

      Jane, the Republican leadership in Georgia want Trump out as much as any Democrat, and the judiciary so far has not ruled yet on the evidence, as they have found a way to not to have to do so. I think Trump’s team is counting on the Supremes to eventually get this (today’s Texas law suit) and they will cut to the chase. Will you and Bill come to DC with me for the big rally on January 21? 🙂

  2. Annie says:

    Thank you for your candidness, Robert. We need to remember that at the end of the day, this election isn’t about either the man called Trump or the man called Biden. This is about the man God has chosen to lead this country for the next four years. And HE does not take the stealing of an election lightly. His justice will prevail. He is not going to let this country destroy itself as long as there is a remnant who is still committed to Biblical TRUTH and a Biblical standard of MORALITY. Those of us who call ourselves believers need to put action to our faith and our words and choose to stand up and fight for which PLATFORM (democratic, republican, or other) aligns most closely with Biblical principles, not which MAN we like best (for ANY reason). We also need to remember that to be silent and passive is to make a choice. There is no neutral ground in a time like this. We are either fighting for what is true and right or we are enabling deception and anti-Biblical values to take over our home. We must pray for God’s justice to prevail and for our nation to fall on our knees in repentance so that revival can come and sweep our land. That is what will truly make America great again. And I believe God has made it clear that in His sovereign wisdom He has chosen Trump to lead this nation for another 4 years. May His will prevail! And may we not be found sitting idly by while the Devil tries to have his way in this country that so many have given their lives for in order to procure and protect our freedom to worship God and our right to fight for what is True and Good.

  3. Bart says:

    Robert, I’vI have known you for Fifty years and I’ve always had the utmost respect for you, your teachings and your integrity up until recently. Honestly, I’m worried about the energy that you’re spreading. I would like the real Republican party back. Trump statistically has spread 19.12 proven lies per day since entering the oval office. He is the swamp if not the Anti-Chrst as Christ doesn’t lie. His lies are so huge that they keep overshadowing the previous lie, causing his followers a huge Shock and Awe that appears to cause this trump following cult deeper into his demonic black hole. It is sad to watch, it is truly pathetic.
    No, I will not follow you anyone down a road to Hell.

    1. Robert Andrews says:

      Bart, I certainly value your friendship highly, and I am sorry that on the issue of Trump we are of such different perspectives, but I am not at all upset. I certainly don’t expect anyone to “follow me” in the conclusions to which I have come in the last four years, though some 4 million voters took the same path. I have gone from not voting for him and even ridiculing his presidential run in 2016, to eagerly endorsing and promoting him as our President. God, in His infinite wisdom we cannot understand, has us each on a unique path as He conforms us to Himself. He has got us both, my good brother. Know for sure that my time with you over the years has been a tremendous blessing to me! I Love you, my brother!

  4. Reuben says:

    Robert..I am out of the hospital, recovering! May our Spirits be moved by the Spirit of God to really see the battle we are in. It is clear that it isn’t clear in the spiritual man (the Body of Christ). I won’t go into what all that means other than to say,if we ever need a God-Centered gospel more than a Man-Centered gospel, IT IS NOW! I wrote a book over 20 years ago titled ‘The Last Trump”, are we on the verge of the Trumpet sounding, sounding for the people of God to hear HIS Voice? I think so, may God step into this spiritual warfare and expose all the demonic influences in both parties. I am praying for our President Trump and am thankful that God has raised someone that we wouldn’t. Gods ways aren’t ours. Heb.3:10 Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do alway ERR in their HEART; and they have not KNOWN MY WAYS. I will leave it at that, may the WORD tells us where we are. Blessings to you Robert..keep up the voice, we need to hear you. Reuben

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